“Hom Malee” White rice

Thai Hom malee premium rice

As the name suggests, Premium Thai Jasmine Rice is the finest Hom Malee. The variety is specifically known as Khao Dawk Mali 105, the gold standard in Thai rice. This naturally fragrant long-grain rice has a subtle yet distinctive aroma found nowhere else in the world; the hint of jasmine flower comes from the special climate and soil.

This precious variety of rice has been given a specific label certified by the Kingdom of Thailand and mandated by the Department of Foreign Trade. This label guarantees the product’s origin and superior quality.

At Naga-Gold, we strive to offer a rice that is 95% pure with only 3% broken grains, as attested by our food certifications.

Cook with care to bring out the full aromatic potential of this superior-quality rice. Enjoy it plain without butter, salt or pepper.

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