Hom Malee


Appreciated by connoisseurs around the world for its deep fragrance and pleasant texture, this “Premium Thai Jasmin Rice” is, as its name suggests, the first white rice in Thailand. This rice is a traditional exclusivity and a gold nugget for this country.
Also known by its technical name “Khao Dok Mali 105”, this pearly long grain white rice is recognized as an exception. Its subtle and unique jasmine aroma comes from the earth and from a climate so special.

Poids : 0.5kg

Thai jasmine rice will give your dishes a bouquet of flavors

When we talk about Thai rice, we evoke Hom Mali, delicate and delicious, with long and fine grains, naturally flavored.

Thai jasmine rice owes its famous aroma to a very particular land from which it comes and mainly from the province of ISSAM (North East of the country)
For several months, the monsoon irrigates this land and at maturity, the rice is harvested once a year by hand using ancestral methods.

It is considered a reference and its soft texture makes it ideal for eating with chopsticks. It is pearly white with its freshness and aroma, the slight floral taste recalls the aroma of jasmine (Mali in Thai).

The “Premium Thai Jasmine Rice” Naga Gold

This rice is the first of the white rice. Its identity under the name of KDM 105 is the benchmark in Thai rice. It is a long grain rice with a natural scent, characterized by a subtle and unique aroma of jasmine, from a soil and a climate so special.

It has been cultivated identically for over 4,500 years in the most perfect care of traditions, it is an authentic product which comes from the region of the Golden Triangle located on a high plateau (460 m) at the extreme north of the country, between Myanmar and Laos,

This precious rice carries a specific label granted by the Royal Thai Government and imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. This label offers consumers a guarantee of origin and of the highest quality.

The purity of Naga-Gold Thai jasmine rice is exceptional!

We strive to market this “Premium Thai Jasmine Rice” with less than 5% breaking rate and 95% purity, as evidenced by its health certificates.

Thanks to this exceptional data, this variety of rice freshly harvested and distributed by Naga-Gold is the “pearl” of SIAM!

Cooking tips

This white rice will express all its aromatic potential so that you can enjoy its delicate jasmine scent when you taste it provided you take care of its cooking.

It takes about 60 gr per person and start cooking in cold water.

Our advice, pour 3 volumes of rice for only 4 volumes of cold water.

Cooking with rice cooker: pour the rice and water. The cooking time must be set to automatic.

Traditional cooking: pour the rice into a saucepan with cold water, put the lid on and bring to a boil over medium heat. The cooking time for jasmine rice is relatively short, 7 to 10 minutes. When the water is absorbed, taste the rice. If desired, you can continue cooking for a few seconds to make it softer.

When the cooking is finished, carefully stir the rice with a spatula to aerate the grains. It will be tender and slightly sticky!

It is advisable to taste it in its natural state, without adding butter or oil, salt or pepper.