“Man Pou” Brown rice


Slightly crunchy, this long grain red rice offers a subtle nutty aroma. In addition to being colorful, it is rich in fiber, protein but also vitamins.

This variety and its consumption for even a week is known to lower blood sugar levels, which is excellent for diabetics.

Poids : 0.5kg

Red rice is brown rice which has undergone a natural transformation which gives it this special color and its subtle and delicate taste. It is a rice with multiple health benefits because it provides many nutrients such as fiber and minerals.

Red rice, a rare rice with many nutritional properties

It is a long grain brown rice with reddish-brown skin, smelling of oats. It is harvested at full maturity to preserve its flavor and delicate texture. It is naturally dried by the wind and the sun.

Red rice is one of the varieties of brown rice with many nutritional properties. It has many advantages: particularly rich in vitamin B6, minerals and fiber. It is recommended by nutrition professionals to actively participate in the regulation of blood sugar.

Naga-Gold Man Pou red rice

This red rice is also grown in small quantities and most often in mountainous regions. Slightly crunchy with a nutty aroma, it is rich in fiber, vitamins, but also in protein.

Cooking and preparing red rice

This red rice will also express its full aromatic potential as soon as you take care of its cooking.
It takes 60 gr. per person approximately and start cooking in cold water.
Our advice, pour 1 volume of rice for 2 volumes of water.
Long cooking for this variety is estimated at 20 or 25 minutes.

Cooking with rice cooker: Pour the rice and cold water. The cooking time must be set to automatic.

Traditional cooking: Pour the rice in a saucepan with cold water, put the lid and bring to a boil over medium heat. The cooking time of this rice is as long as black rice. It takes 20 to 25 minutes. When the water is absorbed, taste the rice. If desired, you can continue cooking for a few seconds to make it softer.
When the cooking is finished, carefully stir the rice with a spatula to aerate the grains. It will be tender and slightly crunchy!

Its taste, color and texture make it a refined and fragrant rice that will reward your patience.
You can serve red rice with meat, fish, vegetables or as a salad. In Asia, a bowl of this cereal is often accompanied by various fried dishes, sautéed with stewed vegetables. It is even quite possible to take red rice to make Cantonese rice.