“Si Nin” Black rice


The taste of this much rarer variety, “Rice Berry”, will remind your palate of hazelnut and hot bread and will emit cocoa aromas at the end of cooking.

Its dark purple color is mainly due to its high anthocyanin content. Of great nutritional value, It is naturally rich in fiber and iron. Scientifically recognized, its health benefits are well established.

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Discover the incredible black rice with a taste of hazelnuts and hot bread

Discover the incredible black rice with a taste of hazelnuts and hot bread with cocoa aromas.

Black rice has been known in Asian regions for millennia. Naturally black, its color is due to the special pigmentation of its grain.

This rice with pleasant taste, releases subtle and not full-bodied aromas, recalling the hazelnut, the bread just out of the oven and the cocoa.

Black rice was already used in China more than 5,000 years ago when only the Emperor and his family could eat it, earning it the nickname “prohibited rice”.

According to Chinese tradition, the reputation of black rice is that those who consume it can live longer. Black rice is one of the foods richest in antioxidants.
Black rice is also appreciated and cooked in other countries like Italy, where it is known as Riso Venere (rice of Venus).

A “super fuel” for health

From a nutritional point of view, black rice “Rice Berry” also called “Si Nin”, has many advantages that make it a “super food for health”.

With its high nutritional value, this rice is rich in fiber and iron. The dark purple color is mainly due to the high content of anthocyanin.

The mineral content of black rice is relatively high and, as in most rice, it contains a number of essential amino acids.

Black rice is also rich in vitamins B (B1, B2, B9) and E, minerals and fiber. Because it is low in sugar, it is a healthy food. Its contribution in natural antioxidants is also one of its strong points for your health.

Cooking black rice

This black rice will also express all its aromatic potential as soon as you take care of its cooking.
It takes 60 gr. per person approximately and start cooking in cold water.

Our advice, pour 1 volume of rice for 2 volumes of water.
Long cooking for this variety is estimated at 20 or 25 minutes.

Cooking with rice cooker: Pour the rice and cold water. The cooking time must be set to automatic.

Traditional cooking: Pour the rice into a saucepan with cold water, put the lid on and bring to a boil over medium heat. The cooking time of this rice is relatively long, 20 to 25 minutes. When the water is absorbed, taste the rice. If desired, you can continue cooking for a few seconds to make it softer.

When the cooking is finished, carefully stir the rice with a spatula to aerate the grains. It will be tender and slightly crunchy!

Black rice can be enjoyed as a salad and as an accompaniment to a fish or meat dish.

Nagagold black rice

With this Rice Berry you will serve the “caviar” of the rice fields. Produced in small quantities, it comes from the north of Thailand, on an altitude plateau located near the “Golden Triangle”. The intensity of the natural light, the heat and the humidity of the region, gives this exceptional variety its cocoa aroma and its inimitable taste.